What is the NDR?

The National Derby Rallies, Inc. (The NDR) is a soap box derby racing group, organized in 1977 for the purpose of fostering individual development in youths through a structured program of soap box derby-type racing and related activities. The program was designed to give families involved in gravity powered, amateur-built race cars, numerous opportunities to race throughout the year. This was accomplished by developing rules and regulations for sanctioned racing on a nationwide scale. Rules and procedures were established to assure a reasonable level of uniform racing conditions across the nation. With many derby racing groups from coast to coast hosting NDR sanctioned races, opportunities exist across the nation for families to race nearly every weekend at locations within reasonable driving distances from their homes. The highlight of the year is the NDR National Championship held over an entire exciting week. 

Designed for Family Involvement  

 NDR promotes family involvement in all aspects of the program. The adult-youth relationship is enhanced from the early stages of planning a race car, through its construction, to travel experiences on the race circuit, the excitement of the points chase and the National Championships.Drivers are not required under NDR rules to drive only the cars they have built. When one child outgrows a race car, a family is encouraged to involve others by recruiting a younger brother, a younger sister, or a friend to participate using the same car.Volunteer involvement is also a vital part of the NDR program, from the manpower needs associated with planning and running a race up to serving at the national level on the NDR Board of Directors. The NDR has no paid employees.


There are presently four divisions (classes) which make up the NDR’s racing program. Criteria for participating in each of these divisions is based primarily on the driver’s age and the type and design of the race car being used. The following is a brief description of each division, but the current NDR Rule Book should be consulted for complete details:

  • Stock Division The Stock Division was added to the NDR program for the 1992 racing season. The Stock Division provides an entry level class for new families who wish to get involved in gravity racing. Stock racers are simply constructed, sit-up racers with a molded plastic body and a wood composite floorboard that can be constructed in less than 10 hours time. Stock Division race cars are built entirely from kits and instructions which are available from the All-American Soap Box Derby. The minimum age in the Stock Division is 7, and racers may compete in this division until their 14th birthday. 
  • Super Stock Division The Super Stock car made its debut at the 1995 National Championships as an exhibition race. In the fall of the same year, the Super Stock Division officially replaced the old Junior Division as a major points earning division. Super Stock racers are easy to build, with construction similar to that of the Stock Division. However, the body is larger, heavier, and more streamlined to accommodate older drivers. These kits and instructions are also available from the All-American Soap Box Derby. The minimum age for this division is 7, and racers may compete until their 22nd birthday.
  • Masters (flat bottom) Division The division was introduced in August of 1999 in order to accomodate the racing community. The Masters (flat bottom) Division is a one of the NDR’s major point earning divisions. The Scottie racer is a pre-built layback kit available from the All-American Soap Box Derby. The NDR will follow the All-American rules for this division. The minimum age for this division is 10, and racers can compete until their 22nd birthday.   
  • NDR Masters (round bottom) Division The NDR Masters Division is for the true gravity powered enthusiast. These cars are more streamlined and complex than the Stock and Super Stock divisions. The cars are built from Flat Bottom Masters kits, with different construction rules. This is an NDR division only which was formed to replace the stick caper before the flat bottom division was created. Detailed rules and specifications for this soap box derby division can be obtained  on the Forms link above. The minimum age for this division is 10.  There is no age cap in the NDR Masters (round bottom) division. This division does not run on the rally circuit. Drivers are permitted to run this division at the National Championship, along with one other major point earning divisions.